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As a total hygiene solutions provider, we cover most industry’s cleaning needs. We also do more than we are capable of doing. We provide excellence and professional service that will ease your minds.

Installation Dispenser & Hand Dryer

Are you facing problem and find it troublesome when trying to install dispenser and hand dryer after purchasing them?

We provide Tissue Dispenser, Hand Soap Dispenser & Hand Dryer Installation Services when you purchase these products from our company. Contact us for more info.

Dust Control Mat Cleaning Services

All Mat should be cleaned from time to time as a dusty mat could cause some serious health issue such as respiratory problem, skin allergy problem & etc. Our company provides Dust Control Mat Cleaning Services using high capacity washing machine for our purchaser of Mat Products with an affodable price. Contact us for more info.


Mat Rental Service

Prefer to rent a mat to your workplace rather than purchasing one?

Don’t worry, we got your back! Our company is providing Mat Rental Services to those who prefer to rent a mat instead of purchasing one. Contact us for more info.

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